Sea Wall Reinstated

Sea Wall Reinstated

As part of the development of the Jersey International Finance Centre, the 19th Century Granite Sea Wall has been reinstated and restored. The historic wall, along with granite paving stones that surrounded the wall were lifted, catalogued and stored, all under the watchful eye of an archaeologist to ensure the wall was being handled correctly. Whilst on site, the archaeologist also researched the way the wall was built in order to understand and record 19th Century building techniques used in the Island. As the completion of the building work looms work has been undertaking to restore them to their former glory.

The slabs were first removed in July 2015 and although there will be a gap left for accessing the new buildings, the entrance bridges will be enhanced with a water feature that will run the length of the wall to create a moat like effect.

As the building work progresses, additional parts of the sea wall will be uncovered and restored to ensure that the unique feature is maintained for future generations.

Luc Richard, Camerons Project Director for the JIFC said, “The presence of the Sea Wall has meant that we have had to develop some new building techniques to ensure that we didn’t damage any of the granite but the whole development is going to have a lovely mix of old and new once completed.”

Image courtesy of the Jersey Evening Post